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Dewatering Services & Solutions Provided By Dwex

Dewatering Experts through their expertise in dewatering technology and system design, innovate & develops optimum engineering solutions with in-depth consideration for environmental protection, quality, cost-effectiveness & project timeline developing practical and flexible dewatering systems catering to diverse projects requirements using following dewatering methods.

Wellpoint Dewatering

Dwex | Dewatering Experts | Wellpoint Dewatering System

Wellpoint dewatering systems are used to lower groundwater within shallow excavations & are effective in complex soil conditions.
The Wellpoint dewatering generally helps to lower groundwater by around 3meters.

For deeper excavations, a multi-stage Wellpoint dewatering can be used, provided it is technically & commercially viable.


Dwex | Dewatering Experts | Overpumping_ed

Overpumping involves the removal of water from an existing reservoir or source & discharging it to a Stormwater M/H, Lagoon or Sea.
Overpumping operation requires a suitable set of pumps & piping networks.
Care must be taken while designing the system to ensure that the pumping capacity is sufficient to match the flow rate.

Deep Well Dewatering

Dwex | Dewatering Experts | Deep Well Dewatering System

For deep excavations, dewatering can be carried out using a Deep Well dewatering.
Deep Wells form a large radius of influence, hence they can be placed at some distance from the excavation.
Designing a Deep Well dewatering system is complex as compared to the Wellpoint dewatering, thus all aspects must be considered.

Pumping Test

Dwex | Dewatering Experts | Pumping Test

Pumping tests are very helpful in the investigation of ground properties for optimal dewatering system design for projects.
Pumping test involves lowering groundwater in controlled flow rates through a Deepwell & recording the water flow rates along with drawdown in pre-defined locations of observation wells at regular intervals of time.

French Drain Dewatering


​To control surface or seepage water between the cavities of hard impermeable strata, the French Drain dewatering system proves to be very efficient.
French Drain dewatering involves draining water using gravity into sumps.
The removal of groundwater can take place with the help of vacuum or submersible pumps.

Dewatering Modeling

Dwex | Dewatering Experts | Computer Dewatering Modeling

​Computer modeling simulates steady and non-steady flow in an irregularly shaped flow system with varying aquifer properties to build a dewatering model.
Hydraulic conductivity for any layer may differ spatially.
Soil properties, plot size, boundary conditions & proximity to water body form the major parameters for dewatering modeling.

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