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Quality: ISO 9001

Dwex | Dewatering Experts defines as its priority objective the achievement of results of excellence in dewatering, by recognizing these as indispensable for maintaining and strengthening a position of dewatering leadership in an ever-changing and increasingly competitive market. This both by ensuring full customer satisfaction, in line with the Dwex Policies for dewatering, as well as by developing processes able to ensure the full understanding, management, and fulfillment of contractual dewatering obligations for providing quality dewatering services.

Dwex believes that such a level of performance can be achieved only by adopting a Quality Management System in compliance with the standard ISO 9001, by continuously adapting its working methods to new market scenarios, introducing maximum technical, methodological, organizational innovation, and above all, by exploiting the contribution of professionalism and experience of the people who work within, or in connection with the Companies for dewatering works.

For this reason, the Management confirms its commitment to pursue and support with the utmost energy all dewatering activities aimed at ensuring:

  • Customer satisfaction intended not only as of the achievement of all agreed contractual dewatering objectives but also as the commitment to improve on the same and proactively participate in the solution of Customer problems, both expressed and latent.

  • Continuous development of core dewatering competence of all our employees through awareness, teamwork, and training.

  • Commitment to adopting the mechanism for determining issues, risks & opportunities related to the dewatering activities.

  • Ensure safe practices are followed for the protection of personnel, equipment, and customer’s properties.

  • Continuously monitor the progress of works in order to ensure timely dewatering installation completion.

  • Creation of value through the continuous and increasing development of the Company's potential while adapting to the various construction dewatering market requirements.

  • The best use, the greatest involvement and the strongest motivation of all Company resource through their direct and responsible participation to achieve Company objective.

  • Involvement and participation of suppliers and subcontractors towards dewatering project results.

  • Systematic monitoring of the Company's performance in order to verify and improve the quality of the dewatering services and to achieve the objectives which have inspired our work to date.


Environmental Policy

Dwex is committed to delivering High Environmental Performance as an ongoing priority to achieve our Environmental Policy of protecting the environment, related to dewatering works.

The core of this policy will be the implementation and maintenance of the Environmental Management System that applies to the dewatering services provided by its offices and project construction activities.

  • Comply with environmental legislation and requirements relevant to its dewatering activities, product, and services and regularly evaluate its compliance with such requirements.

  • Proactively pursue the minimization of environmental impacts associated with its dewatering activities and services.

  • Endeavor to eliminate the product of pollution emission or, dewatering discharge to the environment.

  • Take proactive measures to preserve wildlife/flora and its natural habitats.

  • Continually strive for improvement in the environmental performance of its dewatering activities, products, and services.

  • Set objectives, targets, and programs and review / revise them regularly with the aim of continual improvement in environmental performance.


Everyone working for Dwex shall participate in open consultations with our customers and ensure effective communication of this Environmental policy for all those working for and on behalf of the business for dewatering.

Health and Safety Policy


We at Dwex are committed to Health and Safety as a core business value to safeguard and promote the Health and Safety of its employees, contractors, and others who may be affected by our dewatering works.

Dwex ensures that documented Safety Management System containing the arrangements and organizational details of achieving these requirements are maintained.

  • Implements its Health and Safety Policies.

  • Identifies, access, controls & reduces risks.

  • Reviews dewatering operations and implements any necessary and corrective action.

  • It provides adequate dewatering safety resources.

  • Involves and enhances workforce involvement.

  • Investigate adverse incidents and draws up preventive actions.

We take pride in everyone returning home safely every day and believe firmly that improvement can only be achieved by the participation and contribution of each employee involved in the dewatering activity.

Dwex Dewatering Experts - Quality ISO 9001

Quality, Environment, Health & Safety Policy For Dewatering

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